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ImageIsle Photo Gallery - Description
ImageIsle allows you to create your own online professional photo management system using your existing Windows web server and web site. Simply upload the scripts to your web site and begin sharing photos with family and friends instantly. Unlike many photo products, ImageIsle is not desktop software. It resides on your Website and Server, and runs under your website's url online. ImageIsle does not even use a database. Best of all, does not require desktop software or plugins to use. ImageIsle is actually just a series of ASP and ASP.NET scripts that allow you to create your own Photo Viewer inside your current website and domain.

To install ImageIsle, simply upload the scripts to your server. Once ImageIsle is uploaded to your web site, you can start adding photos and building web page galleries. With ImageIsle, you upload as many as ten images at a time. ImageIsle supports JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP image types. The system creates thumbnails automatically for you on upload using a simple ASP.NET web page. You share your photos online by assigning them to one of five free prebuilt gallery web pages. Simply add images to these pages and you are ready to share them online. Send your friends links to these web pages by email or from links inside your existing web site. They can then view your photos live online, using their web browser of choice.

ImageIsle and comes with an Image Manager, 5 ImageViewPages, Uploader, Thumbnail creator, and more. Also comes with a complete codebase, so you can customize the product as you like. If you like ImageIsle and want to try our more powerful and secure photo website product, you can visit our website ( and read more about ImageIsland Professional. ImageIsland comes with full security system, folder/group management, unlimited Webpage galleries, 10 design gallery templates, and much more.

Hallmark Features: NO DATABASE! ImageIsle, and it's related software packages (ImageIsland Profession, MediaIsland, etc) all use a baked in XML native database structure. The data is compressed and indexed XML files stored in each module in the software. This allows the software to be portable across servers and enables fast, hassle-free replication of all website code. Without the need for another database installation or license, its very easy to install and setup ImageIsle on any Windows Web Server. ImageIsle also has built in "server intelligence", so that is auto-configures all its settings on first view of the site in your browser. This includes a special module storage and detection system, module database detection system, skins system, and more. Error handling, messaging system, simple jump menus, and unique cross-browser web skinning piece allows ImageIsle to exist on your server independent of all other webpages and systems running under your server.

ImageIsle is covered under the GPL Free Software License. All code and licensing information is included with the product files.

Coding Languages and Frameworks: ImageIsle is written in ASP VBScript 3.0 and ASP.NET 1.1. Includes XHTML compliant code, along with unique cross-browser compatible CSS skin design and interface. The UI is supported in all the major web browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 5-8, Firefox, Safari, Opera and many others.

The full "paid" version, ImageIsland Professional has even more goodies (! If you want to see a free online demo of ImagIsland Professional, here is the link:

For More Information Visit:

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